1st newsletter

2nd project newsletter (Sept. 2017)

SUCCEED - StimUlate finanCial eduCation to foster EntrEpreneurship and Development

Our SUCCEED project continues in order to develop a methodology and an MOOC for future entrepreneurs. One goal: Help them to acquire the basic management skills! The analysis of the needs is now completed and it is an opportunity for the partners to meet in Italy at the end of September (26/9 and 27/9) to take stock. This newsletter aims to inform you about the progress of the project.

Methodological Guide and tool for training need analysis

The first activity of the partners was to define the required and necessary levels of management skills for entrepreneurship. You can find the used document on our website.

6 National Maps of training need analysis and final conclusion

The second activity was to have the questionnaires completed and then to analyze the results concerning the skills selected during IO1. Two types of audiences were asked about the levels required; entrepreneurs themselves as well as entrepreneurship coaches. Each partner country has been the subject of a separate analysis that you can find on the special page. Those analyses propose also some good practices of enterprises and initiatives for supporting their creation, so a compilation of good ideas!

General needs analysis report and solution assessment

The third activity of the SUCCEED project focuses on a synthesis of the needs analysis and the surveys carried out. We have also compiled in an analysis the good practices encountered in Europe in the promotion of entrepreneurship. As far as the respondents were concerned, nearly 45 experts and 91 trainers / coaches and entrepreneurs responded and provided a European map on the issue of entrepreneurial skills. This IO3 is therefore the starting point for the creation of the next content for trainers and future entrepreneurs. The result of the IO3 will be available shortly at succeedproject.eu.

The next step of SUCCEED project: Financial Training module’s material

The next objective of the partners is the IO4, the creation of the training modules that will be the basis of the MOOCs (read the point below if you want to know more about the MOOCs). All the information gathered in IO2 and 3 (do not hesitate to consult them!) will enable us to create an efficient training module adapted to the needs of the community of future entrepreneurs in Europe!

Next event: Italy in Salerno (near Naples) on 26-27 Sept.

CONFORM is the first partner to host the others for an intermediate event. The entire group will therefore go to the Naples and Pompeii regions to share the progress of the SUCCEED project. It will be a good opportunity to prepare the development of the MOOC. CONFORM is a highly active partner in supporting entrepreneurship in Italy. The company especially helps people who want to set up a business to develop the knowledge, skills and behavioural qualities needed to translate ideas into action.

What is a MOOC ?

The MOOC are massive open-line courses. These are online courses open to everybody; it is an open type of distance training able to reach a large number of participants. The MOOC can use various forms (videos, texts, quizzes, etc.) or methodologies but always have as common feature to be accessible online. Within the framework of SUCCEED, the objective is to create a MOOC as well as its methodology.