Skills research - Questionnaire


Questionnaire description

Within our research, we ask you about the entrepreneurial skills/abilities with short, relative descriptors:

• Spotting opportunities - ability to use your imagination and abilities to identify opportunities for creating value

• Creativity - ability to develop creative and purposeful ideas

• Vision - ability to work towards your vision of the future

• Evaluating ideas - ability to make the most of ideas and opportunities

• Ethical and sustainable thinking - ability to assess the consequences and impact of ideas, opportunities and actions

• Self-awareness and self-efficacy - ability to believe in yourself and keep developing

• Motivation and perseverance - ability to stay focused and not give up

• Mobilising resources - ability to gather and manage the resources you need

• Mobilising others - ability to inspire, enthuse and get others on board

• Take initiative - ability to try

• Planning and management - ability to prioritize, organise and manage

• Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk- ability to make decisions dealing with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk

• Working with others - ability to team up, collaborate and net-work

• Learning by experience - ability to learn by doing

• Economic e financial capability - ability to apply economic and financial know how in turn divided into the following 4 key economic and financial skills:

- Understand economic and financial concepts

- Plan and manage economic and financial resources

- Understand the main forms of financing

- Understand the logics of taxation

Levels description

The questionnaire asks you to make a self-evaluation of your level of the aforementioned competence/ability using the following EQF (European Qualifications Framework) levels:

  • Level 1: under direct supervision of others
  • Level 2: with reduced supervision of others, limited autonomy and together with peers
  • Level 3: alone and with peers
  • Level 4: taking and sharing some responsibilities
  • Level 5: taking on responsibilities, with limited guidance and together with others
  • Level 6: taking on responsibility for taking decisions and working with others
  • Level 7: taking on responsibility for contributing to complex developments in a specific sector
  • Level 8: substantially contributing to the development in a specific sector.


We hereby inform you that the data collected through this questionnaire will be treated with the aim of identifying:

  • the training needs as regards the 15 constituent entrepreneurial competences/abilities of the ability to create business value;
  • the teaching method considered most effective for learning and development of entrepreneurial competences/abilities;
  • the information needed to produce the teaching materials to develop entrepreneurial competences/abilities.

The data will be treated for cognitive, scientific and dissemination purposes of the SUCCEED project results.

Filling in this form provides consent to use the data provided within the limits explained.