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Your Learning path

Welcome to our financial management e-learning courses.

You can take the learning courses in any sequence you wish, but we strongly suggest that you start with the 1st course and then progress to 2nd and 3rd.

Course 1:

Entrepreneurship and funds

(business idea, funding, banks, crowdfunding, VC, angel investors, ICO,...)

Course 2:

Finance management for entrepreneurs

(accounting, cash flow, business plan, cost estimation)

Course 3:

Global financial aspects

(financial markets, financial planning, taxation, CSR & social economy)

E-learning Course instructions

Type of course: Self-study with tutor support (assignments, reviews and feedback).

Duration: Each course is open for 20 days after the registration.

Planned effort: ~30 min/day, but it can be more or less. It depends on your background and motivation.

Certificate of completion: You will receive auto-generated certificate for each course (3) after you complete all learning elements.

Includes: Learning materials, presentations, short tests, challenges (assignments), surveys and social media activities!

Web access: click on the links above.

Mobile access: Firstly access the course through link below and register a new user. Then install TalentLMS app (for Android) and add the following domain: succeed-biceroelearning

Note: Challenges (assignments) are not available on mobile app.

Learning is social! To get all latest info about online course and mingle with other participants, join our closed FB group.

How do you start?

1. Click on the course above.

2. Register as a new user.

3. (optional) Join our FB group

4. After you register, please wait a bit the tutor confirms your access.

5. Happy learning!

Training REcognition & ECVET points*

Unit of learning outcome: Financial literacy for entrepreneurs

ECVET points: (1hr equals to ~0,05 ECVET)

Course 1 - Entrepreneurship and funds: 2 ECVET points

Course 2 - Finance management and entrepreneurship: 2 ECVET points

Course 3 - Global financial aspects: 2 ECVET points

Total: 6 ECVET points

*Methodology for ECVET points attribution