3rd newsletter

3rd project newsletter (apr. 2018)

35 participants for our first Learning Activity in Luxembourg

SUCCEED-StimUlate finanCial eduCation to foster EntrEpreneurship and Development

From the 9th to 13rd of April 2018, eight partners from different countries in Europe have gathered 35 participants (trainers, coaches, entrepreneurs, financial experts) at the Italian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce for a learning activity hosted by CCIL to stimulate entrepreneurship and development. The aim of this meeting consisted in testing the content of courses related to finance and entrepreneurship process. The trainers should be able to give the basic skills and knowledge to (future) entrepreneurs so they can efficiently use them to launch their own business or enterprise project. The participants had the opportunity to visit financial and Science Institutions based in Luxembourg.

Main aspects of the finance in the entrepreneurship process: how to manage the enterprise finance.

During this meeting, mains topics were divided in three sections: Global Aspect, Finance for entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship process. The first section was focused on the market research, the taxation for companies and entrepreneurs in the E.U and also the social corporate responsibility and social economy.

The second section was based on the basic knowledge of accounting (assets and liabilities), cash-flow and funding source’s. The aim of this part is to be able to analyze the basic and additional financial statements, the cash flow in order to take decisions.

The third section was some tips to how to establish, run and close the business and also the relationship between the entrepreneurs with the banks rules and procedures.

Moreover, other activities were introduced by external experienced trainers. One external speaker was invited (CEO of house of start-ups) to introduce the project of the company. Three others external speakers were invited to introduce the key factors of Luxembourg’s success as hub for international enterprises. Another one external speaker (Senior Adviser to Vice President at CEB) was also invited to talk about the activity of European Investment Bank and Fund.

At the end of each day, the participants had to give points to the manner each module courses were given ona module’s assessment.

Visits and presentations of financial (EU) institutions.

During the learning activity, the 35 participants were invited to visit the Showroom of Luxembourg Institute for Science & Technology (LIST) which company does research and innovation hub.

They also had the opportunity to visit the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg to introduce to them how to examine the finance of U.E.


CONFORM company presented web-series of 5 to SUCCEED related to SUCCEED project. The Web-series are short interactive movies that show young people trying to create their own business and the different steps they have to complete to launch their company.

The videos are available on the 5toSUCCEED website.

For more information about the videos feel free to visit the Website: www.5toSucceed.conform.it

Upcoming Events

Two events are being organized around the SUCCEED project. The first one is a Multiplier Event is on the 28th of June 2018 and the second one a Meeting project is on the 29th of June 2018.

The Events will be held in Brussels (Belgium).

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